Employee Tracking Solutions

Employee Tracking Solutions (ETS) combines Facial Recognition with GPS technology to
help your business improve employee productivity.

We do this by having your employees take selfies and having our system match their faces, so you know who exactly is on the job and where they are. Then the system puts a map and address into the app with the picture that has been matched. ETS will count the hours worked and even figure out over time. There is a shut off switch so the employees can shut down the system during off time. Another feature is call for attendance to let you know where your employees are that does not affect hours.

This can be done by department, entire company, or by individual employee. Create an Excel, CSV, or PDF. Have your administrator look over the report and then submit to Payroll.

We also offer a full CRM for your employees where you can schedule, task manager as well as contact management, work orders, estimates, change orders and invoicing. These management tasks can be recorded for direct work or cost plus and add the tax. Its all integrated and easy to use.

All this for $20 a month per company and $10 per employee. Why use a GPS in the truck? You know where the truck is but not all your employees.